Ben WellingtonIs a data scientist/activist/educator whose blog is gaining some attention by posing questions based on his analysis of data released by New York government departments and agencies. The blog is called  I Quant NY, and is dedicated to telling the stories hidden in New York City’s Open Data Portal, a clearinghouse of more than 1,300 data sets from city agencies.

He is also a Visiting Assistant Professor in the City & Regional Planning program at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, where he teaches a statistics course – also using real NYC open data.

He is also a quantitative analyst at a tech company called Two Sigma, and teaches public speaking and job training skills through improv comedy with the Cherub Improv organisation.


“Learning about statistics can be quite painful.”

“It’s impossible to make sure that people don’t misinterpret things. When you look at a data set, you have to be able to figure out what the data says, not what the person who made it thinks that it should say. Those are usually two different things. … What’s most important to me is that people stop and critically think, as a consumer, about what it is that they are seeing and ask questions.”


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