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Starred articles were potential candidates for our picture of the week published in our weekly digest. Enjoy our new selection of articles and resources (R, data science, Python, machine learning etc.) Comments are from Vincent Granville. For a full list of all resources featured so far, click here.


  1. Machine Learning Discussion Group – Deep Learning with Stanford AI Lab (Video 1 of 3)
  2. Univariate Distribution Relationships – 76 probability distributions
  3. Abridged List of Machine Learning Topics
  4. Deep Learning in Neural Networks: An Overview
  5. Using Word Clouds for Topic Modeling Results
  6. The Split-Apply-Combine Strategy for Data Analysis
  7. Open source dashboard templates
  8. Configuring a Linux Virtual Machine for Data Science – Step-by-step guide, with Python, R and GIT
  9. Do-it-yourself Crawlers vs. Crawlers as Service
  10. Recommender Systems 101 – a step by step practical example in R
  11. Programming tools: Adventures with R
  12. Introductory R Presentation
  13. What is a Bayesian Network?

Source for picture: Article #7 (above)


  1. How Designers Turn Data Into Beautiful Infographics
  2. 7 New Big Data Roles for 2015: Which one interests you the most?
  3. The free big data sources you should know
  4. A network analysis of 84M Reddit comments by 200K users **
  5. Using tableau to link colleges with startups **
  6. What Everyone Should Know about Statistical Correlation – Most engineers, economists and many other professionals already know it.
  7. Data Visualization 101: Best Practices for Bar Charts
  8. Excuse for using modeled data over real data *
  9. Predicting the flu so you can avoid it – Predicting when the flu will hit your town
  10. Big Data Will Get Even Bigger In 2015
  11. 7 New Big Data Roles for 2015
  12. The mirage of data
  13. Inadvertent Algorithmic Cruelty
  14. My Big Data Resolution for 2015
  15. Just for fun: The trouble with p-values
  16. 15 Characteristics of a Good Programmer
  17. Analysis, data mining most sought after skills in 2014
  18. Researcher Steals Fingerprints Using Only a Camera
  19. The Rise of Men Who Don’t Work, and What They Do Instead *
  20. Interesting visualization (IBM Watson) *
  21. NASA’s Newest Satellite Will Prevent Droughts and Predict Floods
  22. The 2014 Algorithms Solving 2015’s Problems
  23. Data Mining and Text Analytics of World Cup 2014 **
  24. Where Big Data Jobs Will Be In 2015
  25. Want to influence the world? Map reveals the best languages to speak **
  26. Most popular data science skills
  27. The Future of Data Scientists
  28. Travel firms sue creator of cheap airfare site Nice example of big data that scares big companies, to the point that they want to sue a smart guy who found inefficiencies in pricing, and identifies flights that are far cheaper than what is advertised by airlines and Orbitz.
  29. Decision versus Product Data Scientists: LinkedIn Approach
  30. The power of insight: Delivering on brand promise at the point of interaction
  31. Another guide to becoming a data scientist
  32. Facebook facing class-action lawsuit over unauthorized message scanning – If you don’t like targeted ads, don’t use Facebook. After all, it’s free, and nobody forces you to use it, so why complain? And the estimated damage is $10,000 per user? Come on, the bad guy is not Facebook here, but the lawyers who can only create destruction and steal hard-earned money from profitable businesses, any way they can.
  33. 24 Data Science Resources – Biased list, but interesting nevertheless. I would add and @Analyticbridge (50,000 followers).
  34. Mapping Migration in the United States **
  35. How Birth Year Influences Political Views **
  36. The worst possible way to push kids into studying science, math and engineering * – For me, not attending math classes – they teach you boring to death material – was the solution. I indeed attended these classes but was not listening to the teacher, instead I was doing my own research, independently from the teacher’s lecture. And that’s the key point: discovering myself the beauty of mathematics, rather than being fed a listing of theorems and proofs, was the key to get me interested. I wrote an article on how to teach mathematics, at
  37. Data Scientists are the Perfect Cure for Blue Jean Syndrome
  38. An Internet of Vehicles That’s Both Connected and Private
  39. Experts say the hackers responsible for the Sony attack are Russians – Looks like a project that could be automated with NLP. Multiple languages could be tracked to this attack, if multiple pieces of code written by multiple people are involved. And even if Russian dominates, it could be code re-use. Analyzing the code itself might prove more useful, assuming there was any code involved (I’ll describe and publish a version of this attack – even worse – that can be done with no code, by business hackers rather than computer hackers).
  40. How one company is trying to tackle Big Data’s big problem
  41. Logical fallacies in assessing risks from climate change *
  42. New Data Exposes the Best and Worst Customer Conversion Channels ** – Interesting. Email campaigns is the most effective for us, especially when you factor in the low cost. And Facebook is the least effective. Though niche blogs and Twitter work well (Twitter because we use state-of-the-art growth hacking techniques). We sell to a very specialized, niche market. It might explain why our channels ranking are almost opposite.
  43. The Best Data Visualizations of 2014
  44. How to Lie with Visualizations: Statistics, Causation vs Correlation, and Intuition!
  45. Mathematicians have finally figured out how to tell correlation from causation
  46. Correlation between autism diagnosis and organic food sales
  47. Is Your Organization Ready for the Impending Flood of Data?
  48. Data Mining and Text Analytics of World Cup 2014
  49. The Popularity of Data Analysis Software
  50. The Emerging Science of Human-Data Interaction
  51. Data mining tops LinkedIn’s list of the ‘hottest skills of 2014’

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