How To Avoid the Big Bad Data Trap

19 June, 2015. BCG.

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The rise of big data makes poor quality data even more important to business decisions. The solution is not new and simply taking a methodical approach to improve data quality will have a big impact on the quality of decisions.

This is a nice, brief, article from BCG that introduces a tried and trusted method to improving decisions by improving data quality. The article begins by establishing the link between poor data quality in a big data world – and poor decisions that destroy value. The majority of the article then outlines the simple steps needed to create more value:

  • Identify the opportunities. To find new uses for data, start by asking, “What questions do we want to answer?”
  • Determine the necessary types and quality of data:
    • Validity
    • Completeness
    • Consistency
    • Accuracy
    • Timeliness.
  • Define clear targets for improvement
  • Build the business case
  • Root out the causes of bad data
  • Assign a business owner to data
  • Scale what works.

Key Infographics


How bad data destroys value


Dashboards make data quality

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