The Field Guide to Data Science

2013 (est.). Booze Allen Hamilton.

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The Data Scientists over at Booze Allen have written a very useful guide to data science aimed at Senior Executives and non-practitioners. The result is a good introduction to the topic.

This book-length guide is a nice introduction and overview of data science. It is intended to sell Booze Allen consulting services but it manages to go well beyond this and I can recommend it as solid introduction to anyone wanting to learn more about data science and how it is used. Senior executives will gain much from this guide although they may want to skip-over some of the sections describing the many analytic techniques that can be used.

Core chapters of the guide are:

  • The Short Version – The Core Concepts of Data Science
  • Start Here for the Basics – An Introduction to Data Science:
    • What Do We Mean by Data Science?
    • How Does Data Science Actually Work?
    • What Does It Take to Create a Data Science Capability?
  • Take off the Training Wheels – The Practitioner’s Guide to Data Science:
    • Guiding Principles
    • The Importance of Reason
    • Component Parts of Data Science
    • Fractal Analytic Model
    • The Analytic Selection Process
    • Guide to Analytic

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