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Latest Articles and Profiles

12 Books That Will Change Your Mind

Books To Make You a Better Manager/Strategist/Analyst September 2015. McKinsey. Ignore the latest technology trends (social! mobile! machine learning!) and take a step back if you want...

Field Guide to Data Science

The Field Guide to Data Science 2013 (est.). Booze Allen Hamilton. The Data Scientists over at Booze Allen have written a very useful guide to data science...

An executive’s guide to machine learning

An executive’s guide to machine learning June, 2015. Mckinsey. Machine learning (ML) is important as ever more of the analog world gets digitized. Our ability to...

Avoid the Bad Data Trap

How To Avoid the Big Bad Data Trap 19 June, 2015. BCG. The rise of big data makes poor quality data even more important to business...

The Rise of Insight-Driven Business

Big & Fast Data: The Rise of Insight-Driven Business Insights at the Point of Action will Redefine Competitiveness March, 2015. A joint Capgemini and EMC report. A...

Chief Data Officers Embraced By Financial Services

Stewarding Data: Why Financial Services Firms Need a Chief Data Officer May, 2015. Capgemini Consulting and Efma (the global non-profit association of retail financial services...

How to Benchmark Your Big Data Project

Unearthing performance gains to boost bank value May, 2015. McKinsey. There is a lot of talk amongst data and analytics practitioners about building the business...

How Big Data Can Build Big Trust

Earning Consumer Trust in Big Data A European Perspective April, 2015. DLA Piper and The Boston Consulting Group. It is possible for big data to earn consumer...